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Express Uninstaller is the easy way to remove unwanted or unresponsive software
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Express Uninstaller is a system maintenance tool for Windows. It allows you to easily uninstall any application in your system. All of them will be listed and you can simply select one and click on 'uninstall' button, which will launch the selected application's uninstall wizard. From there on, the process for uninstalling an app is the standard one. Basically, Express Uninstaller launches the uninstaller for you, but won't do anything after that. When I learned of this app, I thought it would let me select multiple applications at once and uninstall them, but you can do one app at a time, and manually.

Express Uninstaller does have some other functionality as well. Other than assisting you in uninstalling applications, the tool has a startup manager that allows you to disable applications that start with Windows. It also has a sort of system optimizer that will delete unused or unwanted files from your system.

All in all, the application is very simple and doesn't do anything great. I even found that often the application gives you an error saying that an uninstallation process was interrupted by the user, but that wasn't the case, and the process was carried out just fine.

José Fernández
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  • Optimization tools
  • Good filtering options


  • Bad design
  • Errors
  • Limited functionality for a 40-dollar app
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